Accessory Wholesale
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Don't go to KOREA, Buy at home
Korean wholesale stores register their products, Namdaemun wholesale market!

Products Updated Daily
New Design / Easy Order
Order by Mobile/PC

Inconvenience of visiting KOREA and reordering...Don't worry about it
Order products from the Korean wholesale market by Mobile/PC

Registration in 30 seconds
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Easy Updated

There are hundreds of product registrations a day
Check New design that are directly uploaded by the wholesaler.

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Solution - Easy purchase of Korean accessories
Download it now.

Heydome is a service for wholesale/retailers who do wholesale trade
Mobile Market for retailers who want to order without visiting KOREA

If you want to buy Korean accessories conveniently and easily...
Right now 「Heydome」 Download it


Products registered directly by Korean wholesalers
You can easily purchase it through mobile/PC without visiting the Korean market.
Also, you can collect only the products of your favorite stores and check the transaction details of each store.

  • Easily BUY
  • Transactions
  • Tax bill
  • Regular stores
  • Super mode
  • See favorite stores
  • General mode
  • Screen setting

See favorite items

If you can't check out all the shops and products in the wholesale market...
You can order new products quickly and easily by managing favorite stores.

Once you order, pick-up to delivery at once.

No minimum purchase amount! You can buy a small amount!
Same as Korean wholesale price

  • Choice

    Please pick the products you want and put them in your shopping cart.

  • Order via Mobile/PC

    Collect new designs from wholesale stores and pay at once!

  • Pick-up Agent

    The purchasing team visits and collects the goods!

  • Shipment

    Send products from wholesale accounts together for a single delivery fee!

If you know how to use social media,
Order Management / Product Catalog Delivery / Product Registration / Frequent Care...Anyone can use it easily.

  • Order Management
  • Register in 30 seconds
  • Set disclosure scope
  • Change product status
  • Super mode
  • Regular store
  • Transaction details
  • Sales statistics

Catalog delivery

Full product image and price list
Even if the other person didn't install the app,
It's very easy to deliver

  • Delivery method
  • Text message
  • Catalog #1
  • Catalog #2

Order Preparation · Check

Once the order quantity is adjusted, checked and forwarded,
The order details are automatically forwarded to the buyer
The inconvenience of texting orders...We'll solve it with the order check function.